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god with all

god with u all day morning or non time or night or at job or school god love u soon much be help u and family and friend this year is now thing god now take soon him soon this graham wilkerson take 2 god now soon k

God love u

God with all time be with life time for school work and job and family and friend god be with day and night and non time and morning time her is my now cd come out soon this year k buy on my website or iTunes Store soon k g.m

Hi this now cd graham Wilkerson

God give Mack cd come out need April or need may about me song still her name on the cd god bless all u and family and friend do gaming god won't for u stuff k put on my website when is come out and put iTunes Store work at my dad and mom church trinity church do gaming u won't for u k take god about needs u won't k g.m

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