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Gmoney ” with my family

Hi all my frined with family for father day 2day good love all my family and frined 2day this Gmoney wilkerson ps love u I have bast sister Ashley wilkerson back me a website this week I love u and dc wilkerson back some coll business cards 2 I love them logt good bless u g.m


2day tv ban 2day I won't all my frined and family be ther for at night I love u Gmoney ps I love god love u 2 g.m

Hey Gmoney “

Gmoney is skateing with family night from church. Ok brithday gilr night but Gmoney was at home all day logt and. Be out night for and brithday god bless u and frined and family 2 Gmoney check out Gmoney website www.gmoneywilkerson .com and my bro and my sister night at the skateing night G.m

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