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Gmoney” goodmorning

This is all my frined have graet day is sunday her in amost summer Gmoney go 2 church 2day my bast frined phillp go get cooffce 2day morning god love all u frined and family. I love u guys logt g.m


2day is go 2 work at church 2day god bless family or frined I love u and get coffce 2day with phillp. In morning Her us my website www.gmoneywilkerson.com her is eamil Graham@gmoneywilkerson.com. I love guys g.m


Have a graet day 2day go 2 work at my dad church we have church night all my frined my family 2night 7.30pm trinintychurch god bless and family g.m

Gmoney morning

Goodmorning all my friend and family god love u 2day a be a graet day in fl is sun day at go 2 work at my dad church 2day. Good morning get coffce in the morning with my graet frined philp 2day Gmoney I love u ps her is my website chech out look at www.gmoneywilkerson.com ps love u

Gmoney goodmorning

Good bless all my friend family go 2 trinintychurch Good day sun have cooffce 2day I love u g.m

Hey gmoney

Hi my frined my famiy Gmoney is at home night log week for me and my family good bless r family all my graet frined I love u Gmoney is at the g.m I love u

Gmoney dance

All my friend come 2 church 2night see Gmoney dance night at rendezvous conference 2night at 7.30pm be the at trinintychurch god bless family and frined g.m

Gmoney” this last night of Rendezvous confeer

Gmoney is be her all day all night at church night last night the conference meet god love all u family and frined u need be her at 7.00pm 2night u will have fun her 2night ok I will be her if u not her ok this is Gmoney say Ilove u ps god love moer thing frined and family ok I love u g.m

Gmoney: good love u

2day be ninc day 2day in good love all u poeple Ok but Gmoney love all u now on Wednesday morning is Sunday in fl now have a graet Gmoney on a church hople at my church trinintychurch ther see me soon ok. Good love u ps good love all u now g.m

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